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1. Can be painting units used to prime walls?

Yes, the painting unit DED7421 and 7423 are adjusted to prime the walls. 

2. Can the painting units be used to paint with facade paints?

2.1. No, the painting units DED7421 and DED7423 are not adjusted to be used with the facade paints.

2.2. The units have too low operating pressure to apply facade paint properly.

2.3. For facade paints min. recommended nozzle size is 0,023”, the units DED7421 and DED7423 are adjusted to operate with the nozzle 0,021”.  

3. Can the units DED7421 and DED7423 be used with epoxy paints, based on a solvent, and with chlorinated rubber based paint or solvent based lacquers?

No, these units are not adjusted to operate with solvent-based paints.

The pump is equipped with gaskets made from materials which could be damaged or dissolved.