1. Can be painting units used to prime walls?

Yes, the painting unit DED7421 and 7423 are adjusted to prime the walls. 

2. Can the painting units be used to paint with facade paints?

2.1. No, the painting units DED7421 and DED7423 are not adjusted to be used with the facade paints.

2.2. The units have too low operating pressure to apply facade paint properly.

2.3. For facade paints min. recommended nozzle size is 0,023”, the units DED7421 and DED7423 are adjusted to operate with the nozzle 0,021”.  

3. Can the units DED7421 and DED7423 be used with epoxy paints, based on a solvent, and with chlorinated rubber based paint or solvent based lacquers?

No, these units are not adjusted to operate with solvent-based paints.

The pump is equipped with gaskets made from materials which could be damaged or dissolved.

1. The pressure washer does not consume the detergent from the tank. What to do?

1.1. DED8821: The detergent is supplied along with a water stream when the wand with regulated nozzle is used. Next, the gray tip of the wand must be set as shown in a drawing by turning it right in order to get a low water pressure.

1.2. Model DED8822: The detergent is supplied along with a water stream when the wand with regulated nozzle is used. Next, the plastic tip of the wand must be moved towards oneself in order to get a low water pressure. Additionally, using the knob at the front side of the enclosure it is possible to regulate quantity of supplied detergent.  

2. What is maximal temperature of water supplied to the pressure washer?

Maximal water temperature equals 50°C.  

3. Can DEDRA washers operate as water pumps?

Design of the washer does not enable such an application.

The pump the washer is equipped with cannot suck the water by itself.

In order to start operation, source of the water must be connected to the washer.

Maximal water pressure at the washer supply point equals 12 bar.

1. After the gas supply button has been released the flame goes off. What to do?

The gas supplying button must be pressed approx. 5 - 10s. If, after this time the button is released and the flame goes off, check whether or not there is a gas in the gas cylinder. It may also be caused by damaged or dirty gas valve and in such a case deliver the heater to the DEDRA service.

2. Can DEDRA heaters work on the natural gas?

No, DEDRA gas heaters are adjusted exclusively to consume the propane - butane LPG mixture.

It is prohibited to provide the gas heater with the natural gas.

1. Where the oil heaters without the exhaust system can be used?

An oil heater is a device intended to be used only in rooms, where the venting system operates efficiently. It is designed to heat up non-residential rooms such as workshops, garages etc. It is intended to be used as additional source of heat. It must not be main source of heat. 

2. The heater does not operate, the display shows E1 error. What does it mean?

The E1 message on the display signalizes a failure in the fuel supply system.

Too low air pressure - regulate the pressure by the control screw at the pump enclosure.

Too low fuel level - add the fuel into the tank.

Dirty air filters located in the air pump - clan up the air filters.

3. The heater DED9950 does not operate. When started it produces smoke for a short time and goes off. What to do?

White smoke originating from the combustion chamber indicates improper air & fuel mixture which did not ignite.

Check whether the air filters are dirty. Check whether the fuel nozzle is dirty or clogged.

4. How long can be the exhaust chimney connected to the DEDRA heater?

The heaters DED9955TK and DED9956TK enable connection of a pipe into the direct exhaust system. Pipe of diameter 120mm for DED9955TK and 150cm for DED9956TK, characterized by proper technical and thermal parameters must be pulled over on the heater's stack; between the stack and the exhaust pipe provide a draft interrupter attached to the heater. Holes in the draft interrupter must be open. Max. length of the exhaust pipe for the heater with assembled exhaust system equals 4m.

1. Are DEDRA welding machines adjusted to work with generator sets?

Yes, DEDRA welding machines are adjusted to be energized by a generator set (min. 10kVA); the sole exception is transformer welding machines.

2. What fuse should be used in a house to make sure operation of the welding machine is safe?

An installation powering the welding machine must be a copper duct, min. cross section 3 x 2,5 mm 2, it must be equipped with a 16A fuse at least (e.g. over current series S300 (C)) however, the parameters concern situation when a single device is connected to the power supply circuit. The installation must meet regulations assuring safety of a user. Do not plug and do not use the welding machine if the power supply grid has no the protective wire.

3. Where can I check the operation cycle of the welding machine?

Table of settings and the operation cycles is located at the rear part of the device.

Legend: X - Operation cycle I - Rated welding current U - Voltage under the load

It is assumed that the full operation cycle time equals 10 min. (E.g. X = 60% means that the load takes 6 min. and after the cycle the 4 min. pause takes place).

1. Are generator sets equipped with the AVR?

Yes, all of offered generator sets are equipped with the AVR (automatic voltage regulation).

It is a system maintaining proper output voltage of the generator set.

2. Do generators in the generator sets have copper winding?

Yes, models: DEGB3600K, DEGB6500K and DEGB7503K have generators based on the copper winding.

3. What is a minimal power of the generator set to power the 200A welding machine?

The generator set must have a nominal power equal 10 kVA.

Use of sets of worse power parameters makes that use of full range of power settings of a welding machine is not possible.